What can we do for you?
Medicare and Medi-Cal Reporting for California Community Health Centers. We prepare a variety of reports including Medicare and Medi-Cal cost reports and Medi-Cal Change in Scope-of-Service Requests.  We will defend them in the subsequent reviews and audits.

Specialized Reporting for California Residential Care Agencies. We prepare the SR forms relating to establishment of a Rate Classification Level (RCL).  We will calculate the RCL each month so that you can manage staffing levels and staff qualifications.

Medi-Cal Administrative Activities invoices.  We will prepare your MAA invoices for you.

Tax-Related Information Returns. We prepare the Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990) and related state forms. We prepare 1099 forms, sales tax returns, business property statements, welfare exemption claims, and employee benefit plan reporting forms.

Bookkeeping. We prepare financial statements, maintain financial records, and set up accounting systems. We can keep your cash accounts in sync with the bank.

Payroll. We prepare payroll, maintain necessary payroll records, determine tax payment requirements, prepare quarterly and annual tax returns, or whatever portion of the job that you need us to do.


Please call (707) 575-8228 if you would like to know more.  We will provide good references, your counterparts at other agencies, with whom you may speak.  And when you are ready to talk with us, we can come to you.

Who has employed us?

  • Community Health Centers and Related Agencies
  • Elders’ Advocacy Agency
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Parenting Institute
  • Private School
  • Residential Care Agencies
  • Veterans’ Advocacy Agency
  • Youth Advocacy Agency


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