Individuals, Estates & Trusts

Trusts and estates employ us for:

  • Fiduciary income tax return preparation.
  • Estate tax return preparation.
  • Fiduciary accountings.

Individuals employ us for:

  • Income tax return preparation. We routinely prepare returns for residents of other states.
  • Income and estate tax planning.
  • Gift tax return preparation.
  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and California Franchise Tax Board.

We help you plan your taxes. We can inform you regarding the tax effects of alternatives that you may consider and provide you with additional alternatives to maximize your after-tax income. And, if you deal with us you always have someone to call with your questions.

We prepare tax returns. We prepare tax or information returns for individuals, trusts, estates, gifts, exempt organizations, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and benefit plans.

The tax law is amazing. The complexity of the tax law seemedmind-boggling thirty years ago, and yet since then it has only become worse. The problem is further increased by the phase-in, phase-out, and expiration dates tied to recent years’ legislation. In this environment, can you prepare your own tax return? Perhaps. Will it be complete and accurate and consider all potential advantages available to you? Probably not. Further, the preparation will take you a big chunk of time.

We do this work every day. With decades of experience, a lot of education, and the tools necessary to facilitate the process, we can take this load off of you and do a better job in far less time.

We help you through the fog of tax law.

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