What We Are About

Horwinski Associates – For tax issues and financial reporting

What we do for our clients

We endeavor to be helpful to you.  We:

  • lift from our clients the burden of maintaining financial records, and
  • of responding to government demands for information, while
  • providing them with the financial data and understanding needed to operate their organizations.

We accommodate your unique situation.

We work with people in Sonoma County, across California and all over the country.

Who we are

We are a small group of well-qualified individuals ready to attend to your financial reporting and tax needs. Consider us for professional help from people who will give you the individual attention that you need.

We have several things to offer you:

  • Expertise, resulting from years of education and experience, and
  • Personal attention to you and your circumstance.

Horwinski Associates has existed since 1980. In 1982 we moved to our present location. Through the years, we have supported dozens of businesses in their financial reporting needs and prepared thousands of tax returns for individuals, trusts, estates, and other entities.

760 Piezzi Road, Santa Rosa, California 95401
Phone 707 575-8228  Fax 707 575-4809
Email:  rph@HorwinskiEA.com